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Make Your Own Soap Labels, Label Soaps
It's as easy as A, B, C...

A. Find labels you like. There are companies that specifically market some labels as soap labels. Pick labels that can fully fit whatever you want to put on them, are not too large that they don't fit on the soap and are compatible with your printer type, which is usually inkjet or laser.

B. Make a sketch or choose a design online. Draw an outline on a piece of paper that is the same size and shape of your label. Decide what text and images you want, and illustrate them to make sure they work visually.

C. Transfer your design to the computer, if you have found a design online you can skip this step. Use a word processing program to set up a sheet that can print the labels you've chosen. Use the table option to set up cells, with each cell representing one label. Create a single label using the typing and insert options as needed. Cut and paste that label on every other label on the sheet. If you've chosen rounded or oddly-shaped labels, use a ruler to determine how much space you have to work with without going over the label borders.

D. Print the labels. Pick the appropriate settings on your printer, use the highest quality print settings. Select a paper that is thicker than the ordinary sheet. Print one sheet before you do a batch to make sure everything is properly aligned.

E. Now it is time to attach your labels onto the soap. Wipe the soap clean of any dust or debris. Carefully stick the labels where you want them. For extra protection, wrap each soap bar in a small piece of clear plastic wrap, securing with a clear tape on the back.

You can use saran wrap to package your soaps, we have found that the cheapest wrap works best because it stretches a bit more than the expensive wraps. This stretch will give you a tighter and smoother fit.

You can package your soap in beauty bags and tie them with a bow or ribbon. Pictured here at left is an example.

Don't package your soaps with cigar style band labels. Your soap needs to be wrapped in plastic wrap, shrink wrap or a cello bag. If you do not wrap your soap in an air tight wrap, it will appear to "sweat" as the glycerin draws moisture to itself.

By law you are not required to label soaps. According to the FDA, soap is exempt from labeling. In saying this, many do label their soap for obvious liability reasons. If someone using your soap product has a specific allergy, they will appreciate the labeling. As labeling your soap is not required, I would still recommend it.